At Green Acre, we grow food in the newest, freshest and most green way possible. It’s called


Aquaponics produces both fish and organic or chemical free fruits and vegetables, in a dynamic, man made, pond-like ecosystem. It can either feed just you and your family or it can be part of feeding a community. Aquaponics, it’s the farming of the future!

catalog pic cropYou’ve heard of the Food Revolution, now be a part of  The Farm Revolution. At Green Acre Aquaponics we have started a Farm Revolution and we are changing the face of agriculture, one small farm or backyard at a time.

How can you be a part? It’s easy! You can do it yourself like we did and we can teach you how.  Check out  The Aquaponic Farming Course site for the most comprehensive training available on creating and operating a small family farm and its taught by those that farm and do aquaponics for a living everyday. Farmer to farmer.

Want to start out small and learn how to grow food for yourself, your family or friends?  Attend one of our Backyard Aquaponic Workshops where you learn how to build our HomeHybrid system and how to grow food. Farmer to family.

We can teach everything you need to know to get growing, whether small or large.


Why farm with Aquaponics?

  • People want locally grown and naturally grown clean food and we do just that with our aquaponic system.
  • We sell at local farmers markets, to restaurants, our own online produce store and more.  It’s simple.  There is a demand and it can be filled with aquaponically grown goodness!
  • Local economies thrive on this model. Family farms disappeared from the American landscape decades ago and we think that aquaponics is the key to repopulating that need.  Small family farms sprouting up everywhere can begin to relocalize our food supply and also invigorate local economies.
  • Aquaponics uses 90% less water then used in traditional soil based agriculture, is significantly less petro-chemically intensive and does not require the land mass traditional soil agriculture does. Its environmentally friendly, sustainable and a great solution for many of the issues we  face growing and getting our food in today’s industrialized farming model.


Our training format is the most comprehensive aquaponic training available anywhere for those wanting to start an aquaponic farm for profit.


Its because our approach teaches how to replicate what we do at the Green Acre farm every day and we are joined by fellow farmers JD and Tawnya Sawyer from Colorado Aquaponics and Ken Armstrong of Ouroboros Farms to do it.  We have two partner farms, one in Colorado and one in California to deliver the best class available and taught by aquaponic professionals that make a living doing aquaponics and farming every day.

All three farms, Green Acre, Colorado Aquaponics  and Ouroboros Farms are successful small to medium aquaponic farms with real labor, real costs and real every day experience. Also the theory, plans and direction on how to replicate the Green Acre hybrid system that integrates DWC with media bed growing is not available anywhere else! We provide our students with real farm revenue and expense numbers, production estimates, and financial pro forma’s, business planning guidance, admin and operational tools and how to market in today’s media connected world.  We want to be sure our students have all the tools they need to operate more then just a farm, but a business too.

More information and details at the The Aquaponic Farming Course

Unable to join us at one of our Florida, Colorado or California four day farm classes?

Get the next best thing!  Green Acre Aquaponics The Complete Aquaponics Guide”.  This is a must have for anyone wanting to start a commercial hybrid farm if joining us for four days of intensive, hands on training is not an option.  And if you purchase our Complete Guide and then decide that you can attend the next upcoming training, we’ll discount your attendance to the training.  Click here now for more details or Contact Us to learn about a private two day session at our Green Acre Farm.

At Green Acre we are committed to advancing aquaponics through education and practicing sustainable farming methods.

Gina Cavaliero, the Managing Director of Green Acre, is also the Co-Founder and inaugural Chairman for the Aquaponics Association, an organization created in 2011 to help advance and promote aquaponics.  Championed initially by farmer Gina Cavaliero, the Aquaponics Association, is working towards helping farms understand how to best deliver safe food, raising consumer awareness about the benefits of aquaponically grown produce and fish and just getting the word out about aquaponics.  Everyone can do aquaponics and should grow at least some amount of their own food.  Please check out the Aquaponics Association and consider joining.  Its one more step in the Revolution.