Summertime Blues!

Summertime Blues!

It’s August and at the peak of hot here in Florida. For us that means slow production time on the farm and slow production time on the farm means lots of time for projects. Its the cycle of traditional farmers here in the south too. Summer is the time to till under crops and get ready […]

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Commercial Aquaponics and Profitability

Commercial Aquaponics – The commercial viability of aquaponics is likely the hottest contested topic on most aquaponic forums today and is the million dollar question that everyone wants answered. While I’m still not willing to make my financial data public (you would be amazed how many people have asked), I will say that we are indeed […]

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Iron test kit

Knowing When to Add Iron to Your Aquaponic System

Ask most aquaponic gardeners or growers when their system needs iron(Fe) and the answer is usually always the same, when the plants indicate that they are iron deficient. Typically low iron looks very similar to a Nitrogen deficiency and is often confused for one. However, a lack of iron has a somewhat unique indicator. Usually […]

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Manatee feeding on Hyacinth, its normal diet (image courtesy of Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo)

Cold Weather, Aquaponics and Manatees

Just a couple weeks ago we experienced a somewhat harsh freeze. I know that most people’s reaction to that is ” a freeze, but aren’t you in Florida?!”  We are, however our north central location often sees the thermometer dipping into freezing temps overnight and as I often like to joke, we are nestled in […]

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ghouse jan 13

Why a Family Farm?

Family farming is a concept that has been lost in today’s world of industrialized agriculture but it is a concept that we at the Green Acre farm embrace.  Perhaps it is because of the fond memories I have of driving out to the “country” as a child and picking out fruits and veggies from my […]

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Squirrels 0, Green Acre – 1!

Any farmer that grows chem free and organically will tell you they hate bugs. Despise bugs. Bugs are bad.  Well, not really, or at least not all of them, but enough of  them are and those bad bugs can surely cause havoc on a farm. To make matters worse, as organic cultivators, we have a […]

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Time for a Different Kind of Revolution?

Food and eating for our society has evolved far beyond the need for sustenance, but instead now has a myriad of social conventions associated with it.  We share big announcements over dinner, engagements are made, careers are toasted and yearly rites of passage are commemorated.  Food consumption is not just about eating to survive any […]

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To Be or Not To Be…Organic

Organic certification. It is a hot topic in the aquaponics world. Sure being certified organic has its benefits, namely commanding a higher price and the ability to use that golden word. But really, how essential and valuable is it? Is charging a higher price really worth it? Or are we as farmers just playing the bureaucratic game and feeding […]

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Why Experience Matters

A few weeks ago, JD Sawyer of Flourish Farms and Sylvia Bernstein of The Aquaponic Source and I were chatting before beginning one of our Aquaponics Association Conference planning meetings. JD and Sylvia also happen to be partnered up with me on our upcoming Green Acre’s Aquaponic Training – The Complete Course. Typically though before […]

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Time to Look Ahead!

We have just said goodbye to 2011 and have welcomed 2012. This was actually one of those years when I wasn’t relieved to see the end of the year in hopes that the next one would be better. We had a phenomenal year in 2011 and are eager to begin this one. As I consider […]

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