The Aquaponic Farming Course


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Learn the methods, understand the science, discover the business.
Three days of lectures and hands-on training on how to develop
and operate a successful aquaponic farm business.

What You Will Learn


  • HOW TO BUILD, manage and operate the components integrated into the Green Acre Aquaponics hybrid farm model: deep water culture, media beds, vertical towers, a unique NFT system and aquaponic wicking beds.
  • HOW TO ASSESS  a local market, determine production demand and how to develop a farm system and business to satisfy that market demand.
  • HOW TO EXECUTE essential marketing and sales strategies: marketing and selling to restaurants, developing and managing a CSA or buying club and building a successful farmers market presence.

This was exactly what we needed to make an educated decision about starting our farm business. If you’re searching the internet for answers, do yourself a favor and take this course. — Don Tuckwood, graduate

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The course philosophy is built on three pillars…

1. The Whole Farmer

IMG_2972We believe in training the whole farmer for success. Repeatedly, students tell us why they select The Aquaponic Farming Course—because it is a complete course. We show you how to assess the economic viability of your farm project with tools developed for your inputs, your conditions and your market. We teach you how to build, start and successfully operate an aquaponics farm. We provide each student with a copy of The Complete Aquaponics Guide, a 200-page training manual with detailed instructions and plans for building each component outlined in the course, including all six aquaponic growing styles integrated at the Green Acre Aquaponics farm. Students of the course learn to build, manage and operate these unique Green Acre systems:
    • hybrid deep water culture system (DWC)
    • hybrid media beds
    • NFT system
    • aquaponic wicking beds

What does it take to operate an aquaponic farm? What are proven farm practices and standard procedures to help manage a farm according to current industry food safety criteria? We have the answers. We teach you to run a successful farming business—how to market and sell your farm products to restaurants, through CSAs and farm markets. We also show entrepreneurs how to promote a farm business on the internet.

2. Tribal Marketing


At the heart of our business approach and our systems design philosophy is the science of tribal marketing—the revolutionary idea that in today’s socially connected world, every small business has the opportunity to build and lead a group of dedicated followers who have given permission to serve them and also permission to market to them. Part of managing such a tribe means providing products the tribe desires. The Aquaponic Farming Course philosophy and system designs cater to that end. We create the flexible and nimble farm, and all the systems and practices to serve a tribe’s ever-changing needs, plus the products they demand. Not only does this satisfy with a robust product line but it gives you, the farmer, the best chance at profitability and long term viability.

3. Blowing Away Expectations


We aim to do more than meet your expectations or exceed them. We want them blown away. Many people come to our training classes hoping it to be the catalyst for major change in their lives. We take that responsibility very seriously. Despite the fact that our course is regularly rated over 9.8 out of 10 and 100% of our participants would recommend the course to others, we constantly strive to improve. We ask for evaluations of every session, every course, every time. At the close of each course, our team discusses what can we do better and what more can we offer our students. As a bonus to our graduates, we consistently share new system developments so their businesses and farms can continue to evolve with ours.

More about the business of aquaponic farming…

One way this course differs from others is in the experience level of the teaching team—not only with their experience with aquaponics, but their experience with the business of aquaponics as well. In your research, you may discover a number of aquaponic farms have failed in the past. Many of them were not the result of aquaponic systems failing, but the result of the business failing. The instructors of The Aquaponic Farming Course are committed to providing students with the tools they need to be successful in all aspects of farming.

About the Instructors

gina home portraitGina Cavaliero of Green Acre Aquaponics teaches Farm Marketing Essentials with an emphasis on how the “internet farmer” is integral in today’s market place. The session impresses upon future farmers how to use social media and online tools to connect to a community build a tribe. Farm Marketing Essentials was co-created with Sylvia Bernstein, the former VP of Marketing for AeroGrow International. Sylvia is best known as author of the Amazon best-selling book Aquaponic Gardening.

The business section of the course is capped off with a highly practical farm sales session titled Selling into Multiple Markets. Here, Gina shares the secrets of merchandising at farmers markets, selling to restaurant chefs and creating a Buying Club or online produce store—from her perspective as owner of a successful aquaponics farm. Gina also teaches what current food safety policy means for an aquaponic farming business.

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