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Are YOU ready to join the Farm Revolution?

 Come learn how from people that farm for a living every day!


The innovators at Green Acre Aquaponics are joined by fellow farmer JD Sawyer of Colorado Aquaponics  for this comprehensive, hands-on approach to aquaponic farming.

Join us for our upcoming session at the Green Acre farm in Denver, Colorado, February 15-18 or 20-23.  You will learn from the people who are farming successfully right where it all started in this highly acclaimed course.  Every Green Acres Course features an exciting mix of classroom theory and practical hands-on experience, along with a focus on the critical business skills you need to make your aquaponic farm successful.

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Learn the methods, understand the science, discover the business, and become part of the movement that will re-localize sustainable food production. This is a hands-on, practical class designed to teach you everything you need to know to run your own successful aquaponic farm.


“Of all the courses I have EVER taken, and there have been many, this course is by far the most exceptional!” - Steve Golin

We have taught this course eight times now and it keeps on getting more and more successful.  How do we know?

“Congratulations! Great curriculum in scope and detail. Wonderful camaraderie developed. Honest, transparent I feel like I can come back and ask more. The willingness to share the very intimate business details with the class is refreshing and incredibly valuable. Provided written materials ensure we have a reference to keep and use over time. Well done!”  - Kathleen Blackistone

The Green Acre family farm is the model that this team will teach students to replicate. A successful Aquaponics Farm since 2010, Green AcresGreen Acres does this for a living every day. Recognizing the value of integrating media bed growing into raft (DWC) technology, their hybrid aquaponics design optimizes nutrient density by allowing the additional metabolization of valuable solids typically removed from DWC systems. Why remove the most valuable element in an aquaponic system when it can be utilized to produce better and more abundant growth? This growth translates into one thing, more sellable product and elevating your bottom line.


 “Wow! I wasn’t expecting so much detail on the construction and financial aspects. Loved the empowerment afforded by the hybrid system build.”


The Business of Aquaponic Farming

Elevating your bottom line, now that’s a concept any business person can appreciate. Ordinary people can certainly farm, but they also need to have the tools and skills to manage the business and market their product. We give our students real farm revenue and expense numbers, production estimates, and financial pro forma’s.  You will also leave with a practical, manageable approach to daily farm admin and marketing that takes advantage of all of the incredible tools of today’s “new media.”

“Thank you for delivering an excellent course! All the speakers spoke from a point of knowledge, humor and a love for aquaponics that really showed.” – Michael Johnston


What sets us apart from other aquaponics training programs? Glad you asked!

  • Tonya fishOur program is taught by people who are aquaponics business people, farmers, and industry leaders. We do aquaponics for a living every day. We are not hobby growers and we understand what it takes to operate a successful farm.  Click here to read Why Experience Matters.
  • Our approach is to train the Whole Farmer.  We teach you about all the growing methods currently available – DWC, Media based, NFT, Wicking Beds, Verticals, fodder systems – so you can design your farm to fit your market.  We also focus on teaching you the business skills that are required of successful farmers in today’s connected world and we do it all with a sustainable approach.
  • Our goal is not to sell you systems or consulting services at the end of this course. Our goal is to have you walk away with all the knowledge you need to start your own successful aquaponics farm.
  • Our process is organized and structured. Your time is valuable and you are paying your hard-earned money for this course. We guarantee that if we say that we will go over something on the schedule below…we will.
  • But don’t just take our word for it…click here to read what past participants say about this course.

PLUS we are offering a 1-day Aquaponics Basics Class before the four day Farm Course. This is a great option if you are just starting out in aquaponics and want to be sure you are fully prepared to take advantage of everything the more advanced farm course offers.

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“Highly informative. Good balance between the farm business and the actual farm operation. Very helpful in learning how to assemble a small system.”

The Syllabus

We have designed this course to be a logical progression that builds on itself over the four days. You will be handed a complete manual during class registration that includes all the presentations, plus even more detailed descriptions, drawings, and financial data. Morning sessions will be held classroom style in a very comfortable classroom location. Each morning session will start with an aquaponically focused set of lessons, followed by a set of business lessons. Then we break for lunch, which will be provided from a local cafe by the Green Acre course. Afternoon sessions will either be at Green Acre’s or Colorado Aquaponic’s farms, depending on the location. These sessions will be broken out into smaller groups so that all students get front row, hands on time with their instructors. Each group will rotate through all segments.

Click here for the full class curriculum.

“Great group of teachers – lots of info. You guys are living what you’re preaching. This is the real deal! And you work so well together!!! And… LOTS OF FUN! Great curriculum. I love that you guys are so into sharing your info and presenting your experience to keep us from making the same mistakes. From there we will all ” just take off!” and keep sharing – “tribe.“ 

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Upcoming Dates

  • Denver session – February 15-18 and 20-23
  • Aquaponic Basics Class – February 14 and 19

This Colorado workshop is certain to fill up quickly as it will be kept to a limited number of participants. Register early to insure your space now!