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gina raftsLearn to build your own highly productive, sustainable backyard aquaponics system in this 1-day class. Attend the premier one-day aquaponics class teaching home gardeners, hobbyists and DIYers how to sustainably grow their own food. Join farmer-instructor Gina Cavaliero of Green Acre Aquaponics for a morning classroom session and an afternoon hands-on backyard system build. Gina teaches beginner aquaponic gardeners exactly how to get started with aquaponics for a no-till, no-weeds, no-irrigation food production system. The morning session includes comprehensive aquaponics basics session and in-depth coverage on:

  • Plants—care, seed starting, nutrient requirements, maintenance and an understanding of garden design and planting schedules
  • Fish—husbandry, fish health and wellness, and the importance of balanced fish-to-plant relationships in aquaponic systemssystem
  • Water quality—critical management of pH, oxygen and living element requirements in an aquaponic system
  • System cycling—step-by-step instructions on cycling a new system to begin growing, and the secrets of how to avoid common fish stress
  • Construction—all the basic knowledge necessary to build a Green Acre HomeHybrid system—from plumbing to installing liners and bell siphons

The afternoon session includes student participation in the construction of Green Acre’s HomeHybrid system—an integrated miniature of Green Acre’s popular commercial farm system. The HomeHybrid is an exclusive Green Acre design which utilizes deep water culture (DWC) and media bed growing for the ultimate in aquaponic growing versatility for home gardeners. Each student receives a copy of Green Acre’s Backyard Guide, an educational print companion packed with construction illustrations and details on how to build the HomeHybrid

On a 1 to 10 scale, student evaluations show the class rates 9.9. Each participating attendee has indicated he or she would recommend the Aquaponics Basics and Build Workshop. Here’s what they have to say about the experience…

Outstanding course. Well worth the money. —Vaughn Early, graduate

I’m thankful Green Acre Aquaponics put on this course. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.—Jordan Barr, graduate

Great course! You are both such nice, helpful people. —Patty Walker, graduatemedia

Your presentation is professionally brought forth, down to earth, easy to understand.—Ben Rodrquez, graduate

Thank you for your efforts. You are at the forefront of the farm revolution. Good health!—R. Traven, graduate

Thank you so much for taking the time to welcome us in to learn from you. You made everything easy to understand and the booklet and slideshow were very helpful for following along with the lecture. Lunch was amazing. You are an inspiration.—Amber Prine, graduate

I have enjoyed my learning curve. Your teachings live and on video are very descriptive and easy to follow. Thank you for breaking it all down and spreading the word.—Tim Kenaga, graduate

Excellent course! Very well presented. Gina is great!—Jack Gritter, graduate

Extremely informative and great basic design for beginners. I could now build a system and understand basic functions of operation in order to achieve success in aquaponic gardening.—Bruce Long, graduate


Aquaponics Basics and Build Workshop: Regular Rate – $189.95 includes Green Acre’s Backyard Guide and lunch – Register two and receive a $40 discount off your second registration

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Gina Cavaliero is Managing Director of Green Acre Aquaponics overseeing farm business operations and managing sales, marketing, food safety and their educational programs. Gina is passionate about education. She is the developer and director of the Green Acre aquaponic training program, in which entrepreneurs learn to replicate and operate their hybridized aquaponic family farm model.

Gina is the cofounder of the Aquaponics Association and chaired it for the first two years. She created the organization to promote the growing aquaponics industry with education and outreach. Wholeheartedly dedicated to the mission of advancing aquaponics, Gina created the organization’s Food Safety Committee to help establish food safety certification for the industry. Additionally she has served on the Aquaponics Advisory Board and the Standards Committee that established the aquaponic certification for Certified Naturally Grown.

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