The Complete Aquaponics Guide

Green Acre Aquaponics

“The Complete Aquaponics Guide”

This 200 plus page manual includes step by step instructions, illustrations, construction drawings and details along with everything needed to replicate the Green Acre hybrid farm plus…

  • day to day operations
  • harvest and seeding tips
  • operational logs and charts
  • material and supplier lists
  • system start up and cycling
  • aquaponic basics and theory
  • commercial hybrid system plans/drawings
  • wicking bed drawings/information
  • Green Acre unique NFT drawings/information
  • two vertical applications with drawings and information
  • seedling nursery drawings/information
  • backyard system “HomeHybrid” plans/drawings
  • how to sell at markets, restaurants or buying clubs
  • marketing tips  
  • and more

This is a complete guide that provides the tools one needs to be successful and the only resource that teaches how to build an integrated farm like the Green Acre model.  Integration of multiple aquaponic growing styles and systems and optimization of each of those systems for a particular crop is our focus. From media to DWC to wicking beds, learn how to best utilize each system to diversify your crops and your client base.


Click here for  the Table of Contents and a peek at the Preface!

Here’s what one of our clients had to say!

IMG_6099I currently reside in the Kingdom of Tonga and have started the “Tongan Self Sufficient Initiative”, a non profit focusing on self sufficiency for the Kingdom. I am in charge of developing Aquaponics and wanted to set up the best system possible. I specifically had delayed the set up to wait for the arrival of the ‘Green Acres Complete Aquaponics Guide’ to see the girl’s innovative, practical and tried ideas. I am very glad I did! The manual is packed with tons of information, including all aspects of aquaponic farming, aqauponic basics, operating an aquaponic farm business(including detailed expenses), system designs and set up(including detailed construction drawings), operations(including system maintenance and day to day procedures), growing environments and green house designs, vendor supply lists and finally even how to sell your AP products! Whether you are just a  beginner in Aquaponics or an avid ‘AP er’ the Green Acre Complete Guide is a Gem!

Jonathan Traister, Vavau, in The Kingdom of Tonga


We realize that not everyone can attend one of our Colorado, California or Florida interactive classes, so …

… we decided to make the Guide from our The Aquaponic Farming Course available for those that can’t join us in person.   Its the next best thing to our intensive four day, hands on curriculum taught by folks that are farming profitably every day.  If you can’t attend and want to learn how to build a hybrid aquaponic farm, this manual will show you step by step how to do it. (Please note: shipped without binder, 3 hole punched for insertion into 3 ring binder)


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