Aquaponic Fish Feed

Green Acre is proud to offer two excellent choices of feed from the Aquaponic Source for fast growth of healthy omnivorous pond fish such as tilapia.

  • The Aquaponic Source’s multi-stage AquaNourish brand of fish feed offers a high-quality, domestically produced feed specially formulated and sized for each stage of the growth of your fish.
  • The Aquaponic Source’s USDA certified organic AquaOrganic fish feed.
The final ingredient to a completely organic aquaponic system. AquaOrganic Omnivorous Fish Feed is made entirely from non-GMO, USDA certified organic ingredients, and contains no fish meal or soy.
And the best news is that nothing was sacrificed in the quality of this feed.  AquaOrganic fish feed was formulated by a team of experts in aquaculture, organic pet food, and aquaponics to create a fish food that feeds your fish as nutritiously as they feed you!

aquanourish_small-(1)The AquaNourish line of premium omnivorous fish feed is milled in the U.S. by a family who has been doing this for three generations.  Nothing comes from China.  They are certified as a Safe Feed / Safe Food facility by the American Feed Industry Association, and also certified as a BSE Free Facility (meaning they do not handle any ruminant material in their facility).

AquaNourish Fish Food floats and is excellent for all omnivorous fish, such as tilapia, catfish, carp, koi, bluegill, and more.  It has been uniquely formulated and sized to match the need’s of your omnivorous fish at each stage of their growth.