Aquaponics Systems

AquaBundance Aquaponic Systems

Aquabundance is the most trusted aquaponics system on the market

  • AquaBundance systems help you start your journey into the world of aquaponics and producing your own fresh organic fish and produce without the expense, hassle and risk of starting from scratch on your own. These systems come with just about everything you need* to get started.
  • All AquaBundance Systems are designed and fully tested by Alan and Sylvia Bernstein of The Aquaponic Source, the authors of the popular book “Aquaponic Gardening”.
  • Full instructions (tested and approved by product users) accompany each AquaBundance system.
  • All systems are proudly built in the US using the highest grade of food and fish safe materials and is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are currently offering an AquaBundance Aquaponic System Kit for every growing preference! The system styles we offer in the AquaBundance family include: Modular, SpaceSaver, Designer and Tote.

AquaBundance Modular

The largest food growing system for the serious aquapon is the AquaBundance Modular system! These systems allow for a variety of grow bed sizes to be combined with two fish tank sizes of either 200 and 300 gallons (Bountiful series only). The grow bed selection is left up to you so you can determine if you can reach across the bed or have to accommodate any space constraints in your growing area. You select how many grow beds you need depending on your budget and space considerations. And we handle the rest… The Modular system also provides you the option of starting small and expanding later!

  • Grow enough edible plate sized fish to supply most of your fish needs (one 200 gallon tank will yield 40 pounds of fish each year).
  • Start with two 12″ deep grow beds (16 or 24 sq ft of growing area) and expand to eight grow beds (64 or 96 sq ft of growing area) to grow a significant amount of your organic produce needs.
  • The system includes sump tanks which ensure a stable water height in your fish tanks which provide a safe and optimal grow out environment for the fish.
  • The additional water volume provided by the sump tanks also create a more stable system and allow you to easily add more grow beds without redesigning your system.
    These systems are ideal for greenhouses, backyards, basements and garages.


AquaBundance SpaceSaver

The Aquabundance Space Saver is a compact, durable, and highly attractive system has been designed to work just as well outside as inside.

  • Chose from four stylish colors to blend in with your home/yard décor as well as an optional hanging bar
  • Industrial castors on the 28 inch powder-coated steel stand allows for easy relocation from outside to indoors for production in all seasons.
  • Features up to two grow beds (12 inch depth) each providing 8 square feet of grow space.
  • Fish tank sits below the grow bed for maximum space efficiency while still allowing easy access.
  • Optional powder-coated steel Hanging Bar for hanging lights and/or trellising tall plants and vines.
  • Intuitive assembly in under one hour and no extra parts are required.
  • Ideal for smaller homes, condominiums, balconies, porches, apartments and schools.


AquaBundance Tote

AquaBundance Tote is our most economical, and ecological, line of aquaponics systems. Made from 100% recycled IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) shipping containers what these systems are a terrific value for the growing power!

  • Option of a small single bed or expanded three bed system
  • All raw plastic and metal edges refined and finished (for increased safety)
  • All cuts and holes already drilled and precisely cut
  • Pump and all plumbing parts included
  • Incredible amount of growing space for the price
  • Great option for beginning aquaponic gardeners!