The Complete Backyard Aquaponics Guide

“The Complete Backyard Aquaponics Guide” by Green Acre Aquaponics on Ganxy

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Both sized system are simple and economical to build.  With completely new materials, the small system can be built for approximately $500(does not include media, plants or fish) for 32sqft of grow space.  Complete kit systems with comparable grow space typically cost thousands! Why spend a lot of money when you can build your own for a fraction? Depending on how resourceful you are and if recycled materials are available, it’s even possible to build this system for less than $100. Want more grow space?  No problem, simply build the ‘large’ version of our Green Acre HomeHybrid or expand any system and add on more beds!
Along with step by step instructions, a complete material and tool list is included. Only a dozen basic tools are needed such as a drill or screw gun, hammer, razor knife, 2 hole saws, a caulk gun, straight edge, staple gun, level and skill or jig saw! Easier yet, for a small fee, have your local home improvement store do all the lumber cuts for you.  Assembly can then be done easily in one afternoon with two people.
Aquaponic gardening is not only easy and fun but there is no better way to grow clean and organic fruits and veggies and also have a protein source at the same time. There’s no weeding, no watering and the food grows faster and tastes better. Get growing today and join the Farm Revolution with the ones that started it! You too can aquaponic!

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