Why the Farm Revolution?

We at Green Acre believe that the technology of aquaponics can help revolutionize modern agriculture and how we grow and get our food. Between the high environmental impact of conventional agriculture and the cost of organic foods, Green Acre is starting a farm revolution.

The environmental benefits are tremendous. New reports state that conventional agriculture uses up to 90% of the available fresh water on the planet whereas aquaponic systems use less than 3% of the total water used in conventional farming. This can translate into as little as 50 gallons in one year with a 300 gallon system that grows 32 sqft of organic food (depending on food grown and ambient air temperature).

The carbon imprint of aquaponics is only a fraction of its soil grown counterpart with out the need for fossil fuel guzzling tractors, seeders, harvesters and other large machinery. Also, nutrient depletion of soil is a non-issue! Perhaps with Aquaponics revolutionizing the way the world grows food, it can give our farmlands a much needed rest and opportunity to regenerate and recover without the use of harmful fertilizers and chemicals. Then crops that may be better suited to being grown conventionally will actually be grown in nutrient rich soil once again.

Of course one of the greatest advantages of an aquaponic farm revolution is that food grown aquaponically is 100% organic. If more organically grown food is available, more people can eat healthy, pure, chemical free foods! That’s huge!

There is no way to cheat in aquaponics, so there is no question that aquaponic produce is 100% chemical free. The only input to the farm system is fish food and a few natural minerals. Any kind of chemical such as those in fertilizer or pesticides would compromise the system and kill the fish. So aquaponics can give people options and ways to avoid eating GMO monster foods and foods laden with sometimes as many as 70 different chemicals. At Green Acre we think you should have an economical alternative. You shouldn’t have to be wealthy to eat healthy.

Every day is bringing the emergence of new commercial aquaponics farming operations and aquaponics home or back yard systems. Modern food production is beginning to change. How can you be a part of the Farm Revolution and have your own aquaponics system or even become one of the many entrepreneurs in a new and exciting way to grow food for other people? Check out our Commercial Aquaponics Trainings to learn more.

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